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 Until now, getting CNAM through a 3rd party provider was a complex project. Most vendors require the setup of complicated VPNs to access their APIs. Further, they require your queries be delivered by SIP SUBSCRIBE.
For End users, wholesale voip customers, and smaller providers this has always been an issue. Their equipment doesn’t interface with these APIs.
  For carriers and large VOIP Providers that have the equipment and resources to interface with these sytems, that may not be a problem. Thier biggest issue has always been “too many moving parts in the system”.
 With the launch of CID(name) anyone who needs fast, accurate, and fresh CNAM data now has access to it via a simple to use HTTP API.

Coverage includes all of the United States and Canada. We also cover the US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Bermuda, Guam, Bermuda, and other +1 country code numbers.

CID(name) does not cache any data.
We do not have a “private” database of millions of phone numbers with aging data.
Every single request (“dip”) is sent directly into the SS7 network to query the owner of the number for the CNAM.