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Let’s face it… fraud is one of the most expensive costs of doing business. Detecting it can be difficult. In fact, many companies use a layered approach to do it. Verifying CNAM is one of them.

For example:

  • Inbound call centers where people apply for credit verify that phone numbers actually belong to applicants via CNAM
  • Businesses that take credit cards over the phone can match the name on the card to the person calling
  • Companies that maintain internal databases can automatically update contact info when CNAM changes have taken place

CNAM can provide a vital first line of defense in verifying your caller’s authenticity before you even pickup the phone. The applications are truly limitless.  


    • The most up to date caller id data
    • Every query is a live SS7 dip
    • No data caching... EVER!
    • 99.7% caller id name accuracy
    • Lightning fast query responses
    • Redundant carrier grade network
    • Choose from text,json, or XML outputs
    • Add custom tags to identify or group queries
    • Add a custom reply for unavailable queries