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As a VoIP provider, we know that you have many choices when choosing a company to deliver CNAM service to your customers. You want a company you can trust to deliver exceptional quality at a fair price. You want to be able to integrate the service effortlessly. Above all, you want it to work.

 Our talented developers come from the VoIP industry. When building the CID(name) CNAM service we took special care to pay attention to the important things like query speed, service redundancy, data integrity, and the ability to support almost any SIP based platform.

 Forget about complex solutions that require VPN access or require complex sip packet mangling . Although we do support SIP SUBSCRIBE mode of querying, our customers prefer our easy https API access solution. Whichever you choose, shutdown the VPN tunnels, they’re not required.


    • The most up to date caller id data
    • Every query is a live SS7 dip
    • No data caching... EVER!
    • 99.7% caller id name accuracy
    • Lightning fast query responses
    • Redundant carrier grade network
    • Choose from text,json, or XML outputs
    • Add custom tags to identify or group queries
    • Add a custom reply for unavailable queries